State by state

Did you know that each state has laws concerning HIV/AIDS? If you knowingly spread HIV in some states, you can get prison time. In other states they do nothing. If have yet to understand why some people would go around spreading this disease. However, I did speak to one man who said that if he had it then everyone should have it. In some states spreading HIV is attempted murder, in other states it’s nothing. Wow.



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2 responses to “State by state

  1. Ken

    Actually, a number of states consider it a criminal act to have any form of sexual activity without disclosing your status if you are HIV+. Most of these laws were drafted in the 1980’s before people understood statistical risks for infection and just as we were confirming what activities were considered risky. Science has changed. Treatment has improved. HIV status is the only time activity is deemed criminal without the element of intent being present. Criminal laws that single out HIV for prosecution need to be repealed as part of a broader public health and public policy reform.

    • You are right about some states Ken. I have worked HIV for almost a decade now. I reviewed the state laws in several states. It’s sad that in one state I worked in you can get 2 years for just having sex with someone if you are HIV positive. Yet in some other states, it’s still my word verse their word. Soon, I hope all states will get on the same accord concerning this.

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