What to do with the problem no one talks about?

There are around 2 million people in the US with HIV/AIDS, but no one talks about that problem anymore. BET and MTV has their specials here and there, but no one is really talking about the subject t anymore. I guess we care more about people who are famous for nothing, reality TV, and (sometimes) politics to even care that the government spends about $83 billion a year in the area of HIV/AIDS. Yes, a year.  That’s $227.4 million a day. But we don’t hear about that spending problem.

Did you know that only 1 on 4 people with HIV/AIDS have private health insurance? So who foots the bill when they go to the ER and needs their medicine – medicine that averages $1300 a month? How do we solve this problem?

Coming Summer 2014 – The Story Within: The Extreme Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US



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