Blank Check

Starting in 2014 people with HIV/AIDS who were once denied medical/health insurance will be able to get insurance with no waiting period and cannot be turned down for a pre-existing condition. So, let’s look at the money. If the cost of HIV medicine is $1300 a month on average, and the patient has 2 to 4 appointments a year, what is that going to cost the insurance company? Now you multiply that by the over one million infected people in the USA without health insurance. Yes, it’s great that individuals who previously could not get insurance now can get insurance. But at what cost, literally, will that hurt those who use that same insurance company that will offset those cost to those who never get sick, but must get insurance?

This blank check is going to hurt. There will not be a cap on yearly coverage. There will not be a cap on lifetime coverage. I’m not into the stock market, but if I were, I would not buy stock in any insurance company stock anytime soon. I would however buy stock in the company that makes the HIV meds.

What will happen when the insurance companies realize insuring HIV/AIDS patients is going to cause the blank check to bounce?

The Story Within – The Extreme Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US, my new book coming Summer 2014


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