Money, Meds, and HIV

Tylenol, Advil, Aleve.

How many of you have heard of these medicines?

How about Truvada, Sustiva, Fuzeon, Norvir? Most people have not heard of those three medicones. However if you have HIV or work with those infected then you may have heard of those medicines.  Truvada cost about $1200 for a month’s supply. Fuzeon currently cost about $2950 for a month’s supply.

The real question is who can really afford this medicine? Insurance companies do not cover all of this. And some of the people with HIV have to take more than one medicine. Now all of the medicine is not into the thousands. However, most of the medicines are over $100 a month. Moreover, the average person with HIV pays about $1200 a month for medicine. Some research claims that the amount is $1900 a month.

Do the math. $1900 a month times 12 months is $22800 a year. Which breaks down to $10.96 an hour 40 hours a week times 52 weeks. Using this formula, a person with HIV would have to make a minimum of $40,000 a year just to make ends meet, and be single, and have no kids.

I see why the eradication of HIV is very important. The cost is becoming astronomical. The number of those infected is increasing. Those with HIV are living longer, and there are still those who contract HIV and then decide to spread it to everyone they can.

So the price of medicine goes up, the number of those infected goes up, and those who are infected start to live longer. And why does the medicine cost so much. Well, there is so much money that goes into making one single pill. And to recuperate the money that goes into that pill the cost is set as such. There is a 25 year time limit. After 25 years a generic form of the medicine can be produced.

So what’s the plan?

Coming 6/27/14

The Story Within – A Scrapbook of the Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US


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