Sociology, HIV, and Higher Education

I am happy, giddy, excited and overjoyed. I got an email today from a college professor who stated that they would like to add my upcoming book to their required reading curriculum for their Sociology Department. This has made me a happy camper (author).  My book has not yet hit the market, yet I have an institute of higher learning ready to place my book in the hands of the future community developers of this great country. To clear things up, it was not just an email, but the corresponding of a series of emails. Because the book has not been released and we are still discussing the details of the agreement, I am not at liberty to say the name of the institution.

Some people may ask why a Sociology Dept. would want to use a book about HIV. To answer that one should understand the definition of sociology. Two definitions were found doing a quick online search. of society: the study of the origin, development, and structure of human societies and the behavior of individual people and groups in society of individual social institution: the study of a particular social institution and the part it plays in society

I will not go into details of exactly what the book is about or how said institution will be using my book but the title of the book should be enough explanation. The name of the book is The Story Within – A Scrapbook of the Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US. Yes, it’s a long subtitle, but I wanted readers to know what they are reading. I will tell you this: The book has letters from people who are infected with HIV.

Release date 6/27/14

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