Blinded by the…

Blinded by the…

It is said that you never hear the real story. I have heard that over 90% of all the media is owned by 6 corporations. This means that if those 6 corporations don’t want you to know something then they won’t tell you. At what age do kids learn the truth about Santa and Easter Bunny?

HIV? What’s the real truth? Does it really matter now? The fact is that over 1.1 million people in the US have HIV right now.  The fact is that in 2013 only about 25% of those infected with HIV had medical insurance.

Fact, everyone who has HIV is listed in a national database. Everyone with HIV is also listed in state/local database. These names are all sent to the CDC. Money is given to areas of the country where HIV is more prevalent. That only makes sense: Send the money where it is needed.

I’m sorry if this blog seems like a bunch of random thoughts, but the HIV problem in the US has gotten out of control. Over 1.1 million people have HIV and the US government spends over $80 billion a year on HIV as a whole, meaning education, salaries, grants, outreach, care, and medicine. That’s over $72,000 per infected individual per year.

And why is the medicine so damn much? The average monthly cost is over $1200 a month. You can read more about the medicines in a previous blog.

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