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It’s Here

Diagnosed with an incurable disease many citizens face the most life-changing question they will ever have to answer. Do they leave their loved ones behind in hopes of a new beginning and longer life, or, do they make the crippling decision to stay and suffer the chance of early death? Take an uncensored journey through the lives of those who make the decision to leave. What happens when the controversial cure is so drastic that is works? Will leaving guarantee a long life or will they discover a lurking conspiracy to make them the forgotten? Explore the story within…

I would like to inform you that the book is now available on as well as in 230 counties worldwide. Currently there are six colleges/universities that are looking to add this book to their readings in four areas: Urban Planning and Sociology are the two main focuses at this point.

I would like to ask of you to go to and do nothing more than read the book description. If  interested feel free to order yourself a copy.

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