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The Book is Almost Here

The time is almost here. Anticipation is building. It’s like ants in my pants. I have worked so hard, researched so much. Interviewed so many people. Wrote. Proofed. Edited. Proofed. Wrote some more. Gathered more info and replayed the whole sequence again.

The date: June 27, 2014.

Why that date? That is National AIDS Testing Day.

With the fact that an Executive Order was signed stating that all US citizens must get an HIV test, this should make people wonder why. There have always been national HIV/AIDS days. National AIDS Testing Day is 6/27/14. National AIDS Awareness Day is 12/1/14. Why should there be a law to get people tested? What is the next step after that? Ponder that for a second.

I have come to the realization that many people will not like the topic discussed in my upcoming book. The topic may be too controversial. It may not be for anyone under 18 years old to read. However, there are over 2200 people in the US under the age of 18 with HIV. They may want to know what the plans are for those individuals who are infected with HIV. Again, why must an Executive Order be passed to force Americans to get tested for HIV?

My upcoming book will give you the answer. It will prepare those with HIV of what’s to come. There is a plan to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the US. And the plan starts with making sure everyone is tested first.

The Story Within: A Scrapbook of the Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US

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It seems that many are upset that I am writing a book showing what the end result is going to be in the US with the HIV epidemic. The medical community knows there is an epidemic. Those infected knows that there is an epidemic. The media does not talk about HIV anymore so no one outside of the above mentioned really cares.

On July 15, 2013, an Executive Order was signed that stated all citizens of the United States must get an HIV test. How many people knew about that. If you didn’t know and don’t get tested, then what are the consequences? Can you claim ignorance? While the US was caught up in a case about the Zimmerman case, the White House snuck this by the American people.

Question: Why does the government want every American tested? What is going to happen once all of the people are tested? What is going to happen to the people? Well, that’s where my book comes in. The cost of insurance is already going up with the start of the Affordable Care Act. Now once all Americans are tested and many new HIV cases are found, who is going to cover their meds, which average over $1200 a month.

If you have been keeping up with my post you will see that the name of my book had changed a few tomes. The main title is The Story Within. The subtitle at this point is A Scrapbook of the Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US. The projected release date is June 27, 2014, which is also National HIV Testing Day.

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Now What

With the Affordable Care Act and the rising cost of insurance, and….. those with HIV/AIDS getting full health care now, what is there in store? Well, one out of 4 individuals with HIV/AIDS have/had health insurance. The cost of them going to the emergency room was already being handed over the rest of those using the ER and other services in the hospital. It was estimated that hospitals as a whole were loosing $24 million a year from unpaid ER bills from HIV patients. So what now? It is great and wonderful that HIV patients can now get healthcare without having to wait a grace period before being covered.

But the cost of health care I feel is going to be outrageous for those with HIV. not saying that all people with HIV are poor, but most are barely making ends meet. If only one in four had insurance before, how in the world are they going to afford health care through an Affordable Care Act that has driven up the cost of health care? If the medicine alone is $1300 a month on average and the health care in running $400 or more a month and they still have to eat, live, pay bills, etc… One would think that the insurance would pay for the medicine, but there is a laundry list of medicines that health insurers refuse to pay for. And would you like to guess which medicines are on that list: yep, many HIV meds. There is ADAP, which is an HIV/AIDS medicine program, but it’s up in the air what’s going to happen with that program once the ACA is in full effect.

Now what? That’s the big question that is being asked in the HIV/AIDS community.

Coming 2014, my new book

The Story Within: A Scrapbook of the Extreme Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US

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