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Sociology, HIV, and Higher Education

I am happy, giddy, excited and overjoyed. I got an email today from a college professor who stated that they would like to add my upcoming book to their required reading curriculum for their Sociology Department. This has made me a happy camper (author).  My book has not yet hit the market, yet I have an institute of higher learning ready to place my book in the hands of the future community developers of this great country. To clear things up, it was not just an email, but the corresponding of a series of emails. Because the book has not been released and we are still discussing the details of the agreement, I am not at liberty to say the name of the institution.

Some people may ask why a Sociology Dept. would want to use a book about HIV. To answer that one should understand the definition of sociology. Two definitions were found doing a quick online search.

1.study of society: the study of the origin, development, and structure of human societies and the behavior of individual people and groups in society

2.study of individual social institution: the study of a particular social institution and the part it plays in society

I will not go into details of exactly what the book is about or how said institution will be using my book but the title of the book should be enough explanation. The name of the book is The Story Within – A Scrapbook of the Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US. Yes, it’s a long subtitle, but I wanted readers to know what they are reading. I will tell you this: The book has letters from people who are infected with HIV.

Release date 6/27/14

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The Process

What happens when someone test positive for HIV? What is the process? The positive lab is reported to the Health Department by the doctor who ordered the test and/or the lab who performed the test. Once the Health Department is aware of the lab, they then contact the individual who tested positive. The Health Department will sit and explain the process of HIV with the patient and discuss the test. At that point it changes from state to state what happens after that.

Some states ask for all of the sex partners of the patient. Every state sets the patient up with an infection specialist or internal medicine doctor. There are some states that make you sign forms that say you will not have sex any more. The repercussions of having sex could be up to 5 years in prison. Yes, prison, not jail. Why is this?

But what many with HIV don’t know is that their name is forever saved and updated in a collection of databases that are used to keep up with and link those infected with HIV.  For what reason do these databases need to be updated? The answer: To keep a record of the most recent test results of each infected individual. To see where the patient is getting services from and if the patient is getting services from more than one grant funded organization.

Go to Google or Bing and look up “STDMIS” or “Careware”. These are just two of the systems. Look and see what you find out. I do not choose to give you all of the information that I know right now. However, just knowing that there are systems like this should make you think long and hard about who you have sex with.

But where does all of this money come from for these grants? The US government spends $84 Billion a year for HIV meds, grants, jobs, programs, surveillance, education, etc… Eighty-four billion. $84,000,000,000.

Coming summer 2014:

The Story Within: A Scrapbook of the Eradication if HIV/AIDS in the US

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It seems that many are upset that I am writing a book showing what the end result is going to be in the US with the HIV epidemic. The medical community knows there is an epidemic. Those infected knows that there is an epidemic. The media does not talk about HIV anymore so no one outside of the above mentioned really cares.

On July 15, 2013, an Executive Order was signed that stated all citizens of the United States must get an HIV test. How many people knew about that. If you didn’t know and don’t get tested, then what are the consequences? Can you claim ignorance? While the US was caught up in a case about the Zimmerman case, the White House snuck this by the American people.

Question: Why does the government want every American tested? What is going to happen once all of the people are tested? What is going to happen to the people? Well, that’s where my book comes in. The cost of insurance is already going up with the start of the Affordable Care Act. Now once all Americans are tested and many new HIV cases are found, who is going to cover their meds, which average over $1200 a month.

If you have been keeping up with my post you will see that the name of my book had changed a few tomes. The main title is The Story Within. The subtitle at this point is A Scrapbook of the Eradication of HIV/AIDS in the US. The projected release date is June 27, 2014, which is also National HIV Testing Day.

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